RELEASING THE BODY FROM CENTER TO PERIPHERYSomatic Movement classes are series of highly effective neuromuscular movements guided by a trained somatic educator. The movements re-educate chronically habitually held muscles to release, which then alleviates pain, improves range of motion and overall function of the students body. Because it works directly with the brain and the body, results last much longer than stretching and foam rolling. The student also gains the tools and movement knowledge to continue the work at home.

June 8th will be: RELEASING THE BACK MUSCLES – great for back pain, sciatica, Range of motion issues with squats and bending forward and backward

June 22nd will be: RELEASING THE ABDOMINAL MUSCLES – also great for back pain, rounded shoulders and ROM issues in shoulders and neck, stress and stomach issues.

July 6th will be: RELEASING THE SHOULDER AND HIP JOINTS – For shoulder pain and loss of range of motion, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff issues, hip pain and ROM issues, bursitis, IT/TFL pain

July 20th will be: RELEASING THE SHOULDER AND HIP GIRDLE – For full hip and shoulder mobility, great for pull ups, wall balls, anything needing more extreme ROM.

August 10th will be: RELEASING THE TRUNK: ARMS AND LEGS – Best for pain in the knees, elbows, tendonitis and extermitie issues.

August 24th will be: RELEASING THE LEGS, ANKLES AND FEET – great for Chronic ankle injuries, ROM issues, plantar fasciitis, knee pain

The classes will be held at:DT School of Fitness1009 Cheek-Sparger Rd #122b, Colleyville, TX 76034

 $20 / per class, the whole series $100.If you are interested in all 6 classes sign up for 5 and we will add you to the last one!RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

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