Somatic Exercise classes are one of the most fun ways to enjoy the benefits of Somatic Exercises. The movements are easy and comfortable, yet very effective. They can be a valuable complement to hands-on sessions Fusion has to offer or an affordable alternative. They can also be part of a healthy lifestyle that includes regular bodywork, the way many include the gym or regular yoga classes. In the case of Somatics, however, the Somatic Exercises will support all those other fitness activities, making them easier and more beneficial, and launch you ahead in many fitness goals, including flexibility, injury prevention, and great strength and coordination.

Somatic Exercise classes are a series of Somatics Exercises guided by Jennifer Duranczyk, a trained Somatic Educator. They make doing the exercises even easier and offer valuable expertise of the practitioner for a wide array of Somatics questions and challenges.

Typically, people might attend a weekly class regularly, or as the mood strikes them. There may also be a limited series, such as a 4-week, once-per-week class series on freeing the shoulders, healthy posture, back pain relief, carpal tunnel syndrome and other workplace aches and pains, etc. Most weekly classes are offered in something between 30 minutes to an hour in length.

Also available are one-time workshops. These also usually focus on some theme such as those listed above. Workshops may be as short as an hour-long or be as long as two-days.

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