Sweet Cases for Sweet Faces: Foster Care Fundraiser Sweet Cases for Sweet Faces: Foster Care Fundraiser

SWEET CASES FOR SWEET FACES: FOSTER CARE FUNDRAISER In partnership with Luke’s Locker Southlake & nonprofit Together We Rise, Fusion Whole Body Recovery successfully raised enough funds to purchase & decorate 50 Sweet Cases. Sweet Cases are special duffle bags filled with stuffed animals, a hygiene kit, coloring books, crayons, etc., which replace the trash bags given when a child enters into the foster care system.  The bags will be distributed to local foster children with the assistance of Circles of Care. Giving back has always been important to us at Fusion, and this is a cause that is personal for co-owner Kristen Colosi.  And quite frankly, foster kids don’t deserve trash bags! Typically when a foster child is entering the system, they are given two trash bags for the few belongings that they do have.  And this is how they move from home to home.  By partnering with Together We Rise, we are helping to make a memorable change.

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