How can Fusion help this HORRIBLE allergy season? How can Fusion help this HORRIBLE allergy season?

HOW CAN FUSION HELP THIS HORRIBLE ALLERGY SEASON? As you may have noticed, this spring not only came early, but also brought a torrent of allergens to our area. We have had many clients come in complaining of stuffy noses, headaches, mucus, and sinus infections and little did they know, WE CAN HELP! Step 1: Far Infrared TreatmentsThis treatment really gets your allergy detox started. Sit in our sauna for 15-30 minutes to increase circulation, start the relaxation process of your tight neck and shoulder muscles and sweat out some toxins!  Step 2: MassageMany Americans rely primarily on conventional treatments, including antihistamines and steroids, both of which can have some adverse side effects. Massage therapists, however, can help relieve some allergy symptoms by reducing stress, increasing circulation, releasing muscle tension and reprogramming the body’s panic reaction, which can exacerbate symptoms.  Step 3:  CryoThe release of histamines when you are suffering from allergies causes inflammation of the ear, nose, and throat. This inflammation causes stuffiness, headaches, and pressure. Our cryotherapy sauna can dramatically reduce this inflammatory response, which will allow the body to calm and make your symptoms much less severe.   

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