Contrast Therapy

So what exactly is contrast therapy and why is it effective? Contrast therapy in general terms is exposing your body to hot and then cold temperatures consecutively. This could be done on a small scale using a heating pad and ice pack. Alternatively when contrast therapy is used on the whole body it can have a lot of benefits to heal and support overall wellness.

When your body is exposed to high temperatures, it will start to physically and mentally relax. This releases built up tension or stress in the body. The heat also helps reduce inflammation, and relieve tight or sore muscles. While simultaneously boosting circulation, and can support cardiovascular health. The heat can also help your body detox, releasing toxins naturally through sweat. One very effective and relaxing way to experience these benefits is spending time in an infrared sauna. Once in an infrared sauna the heat panels are able to directly warm your body. Additionally the infrared light offers more targeted support to particular areas, depending on the color and frequency of the light wave. The combination of infrared light and heat, provides healing benefits directly to the body and affected areas that need relief.

For the second part of contrast therapy your body needs to be exposed to cold temperatures. Cold temperatures have been a common and effective way to ease  pain, inflammation, and relieve sore muscles. Cold treatments are also good to boost the metabolism, good circulation, and support a restful nights sleep. Cryotherapy is a reliable method to expose your body to extreme temperatures in a regulated and safe environment. If you use cryotherapy you will notice that it goes a step beyond just cooling down your body. This is because the cold air is able to penetrate your skin more easily than other cold treatments. It is also able to trigger your natural hypothermic response. So that once you step out of the cryotherapy chamber your brain reassesses and provides support to the areas that need it the most.

Contrast Therapy can be effective for supporting the following areas and conditions:

• Cardiovascular – Better Blood Pressure, Circulation, Supports Heart Health

• Detoxing – Heavy Metal Detoxing, Releasing Toxins, Detoxing Environmental Toxins

• Digestive Support – Boosts Metabolism, Reduces Inflammation

• Immune Support

• Inflammation – Arthritis, Strained or Injured Muscles, Reduce Swelling

• Inflammatory Skin Conditions – Eczema, Psoriasis etc.

• Stress Relief


A key element to remember when getting started with contrast therapy is consistency. Since your body might need shorter sessions, while you get acclimated to the process. The benefits of contrast therapy can support healing injured muscles, relieving pain, and reducing inflammation. It also helps boost circulation, metabolism, the immune system, and detoxification. The therapeutic effects of contrast therapy, are great for targeting certain specific injury along with supporting long term wellness.

Ready to get started trying contrast therapy for yourself? Try out our new client Cryo package for a week. It includes three Infrared Sauna and Cryo sessions. For more package details or booking a session, click on ‘Book Appointment’ or call us at 817-442-9424.


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